Visual Voicemail

Host-IT offers many different ways to access your voicemail messages. Keep connected if you miss a call with your voicemails being delivered over email or just simply view them online through the portal. Our additional features such as transcription and persistent notification you’ll feel confident in never missing a voicemail again.

When you can’t answer the phone, Host-IT PBX is there with all the business-class features you need.

  • View, manage, delete and download your voicemails online, anytime!
  • Listen to voicemails via email, by phone or by logging on to your desktop app or iOS or Android mobile app
  • Return calls directly from a voicemail message
  • Forward voicemails to another extension: users can forward a message to another user on their system to share information
  • Voicemail notification via email: receive voicemail alert notifications or voicemail audio file attachments via email. Transcription is available as well.