Account Codes
ANI/CLI Customizations
Anonymous Call Rejection
Authentication by Digest
Busy Lamp Field
Call Forwarding
Call Forwarding Always
Call Forwarding Busy
Call Forwarding No Answer
Call Forwarding Not Reachable
Find Me (multiple numbers)
Sync with Server
Call Logs (Inbound and Outbound)
Call Monitoring
Automatic Recording
Supervising Mode
Silent Monitoring
Call Notify
Call Pick Up
Call Pick Up Department
Call Pick Up Domain
Directed Call Pickup
Call Recording
Call Return
Call Status (Real-time in User Portal)
Call Transfer
Attended Transfer
Blind Transfer
Intercom Transfer
Transfer to Voicemail
Call Waiting
Calling Line ID Delivery Blocking
Calling Name Retrieval
Charge or Billing Number
Client Call Control (API and User Portal)
Conferencing (Multi-Way Calling)
Convene Conference
Invite Attendees
Multiple Conference Rooms
Scheduled/Instant Conference
Web-based Setup
Device Auto Provisioning
Direct Inward Dialing
Directed Call Park
Directed Call Pickup
Diversion Inhibitor
Do Not Disturb
Sync with Server
Extension Dialing
External Calling Line ID Delivery
Hunt Groups
In-Call Service Activation
Instant Messaging (via XMPP or SIP SIMPLE)
Internal Calling Line ID Delivery
Last Number Redial
Message Waiting Indicator
System Default Music-on-Hold
Personalized Music-on-Hold
Phone Status
Selective Call Acceptance
Selective Call Rejection
Simultaneous Ring
Shared Call Appearance
Three-Way Call
Two-Stage Dialing
Video Telephony
Default Greetings
Customizable Greetings
Name Recording
Email Notification
Voicemail Forwarding
Forwarding to Email
User Portal (View, Save Delete)
Voice Messaging Group
Voice Messaging Call Back
Web User Portal
Contact List with Presence
Click to Call
Inbound Call Handling Rules
Screen Pops

Auto Attendants
Personal Auto Attendants
Scheduled Auto Attendant
Chained Auto Attendants
Barge In
Business Trunking
Call Intercept
Call Park
Calling Group ID Deliver
Configurable Extension Dialing
Configurable Feature Codes
Configurable Directories
Device Inventory
Department Support
Group Announcements
Group Custom Ringback
Group Instant Messaging
Hot Desking
Hunt Groups
Instant Group Call
Listen In
Office Manager Portal (Web portal)
Active Calls
Auto Attendant Designer
Call Records
Call Statistics
Conference Bridge Configuration
Device provisiong
Moves, Adds, Changes
Music on Hold Upload
Queue Management
Voicemail Management
Night Mode
Simultaneous Ring (group)

All User Levels
Configurable Permissions
Custom Domains
Custom Integrations
Salesforce Adapter
Virtual Office Control Panel
Hospitality and Hotel Systems (PMS)
Click-to-Call from WordPress and other CMS
Access all System Funtions
Call Control
Configurable OAuth Permissions
Even Subscriptions (webhook)
Mature and Well Documented
Fault Tolerant
Active-Active Architecture
Highly Scalable
Rolling and Hitless upgrades
Security and Fraud Detection
Auto Block Failed Registrations
Auto Block SIP Port Scanning
Auto Block Promiscuous SIP Devices
Velocity Filter for Bad Digits
Device Provisioning
Customized Directories
Domain and Device Overrides
MAC Management
Remotely Triggered Updates
Supports Major SIP Phones
Zero Touch Device Configuration
Regulatory Compliance
911 Emergency Calling Solution
CALEA (lawful intercept)

Quick SMS

Most business owners understand that SMS is a valuable part of the lead generation process.

Call Center and CCaaS

Host-IT enables any Reseller to offer carrier class contact and call center.

Hosted PBX and UCaaS

The Host-IT  solution is Hosted PBX and UCaaS on steroids.

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